Zhong Xin Dao is a wonderful system of self defense and self cultivation. Like all genuine Chinese internal martial arts, ZXD adheres closely to Tai Chi philosophy, concepts and principles. The path of training has strong emphasis on mental development supported by Chan (Zen) Philosophy. This means that every movement and posture fits within the philosophy of seeing things as they are, harmonious change, non aggression and non violence. find out more

Practice includes still and moving meditation, solo practice through drills and formwork, core power development and sophisticated partner training.

Sifu Kelley Graham teaches with an emphasis on modern neuroscience, advanced teaching methods and helping students to clearly and directly experience the subtle greater flow of energy for health and long life.

Our local ZXD Tucson school is part of an international organization. Many students travel extensively to train and find a home abroad with their ZXD family.

All are welcome from any discipline.