Wrapping For Martial Artists

Over the years I have helped hard style martial artists prepare for higher Dan testing. These experiences have highlighted that flow and softness are very difficult qualities to maintain when generating maximum power. Flow and softness are required to respond with - rather than against - your opponent. Wrapping is the traditional methodology for cultivating this kind of flowing power.
In this intensive half-day retreat I present the essentials of ZXD Wrapping in a clear progression. This progression will explore looseness, softness and elasticity, which are 3 of the the 4 stages of relaxation.
You will become more powerful and you will be able to apply this power more effectively while reducing chance of injury. 
Wrapping is cultivated through regular practice and helps students to unify body and mind.
ZXD Gatekeeper Sam F.S. Chin keeps it simple: "You must wrap every day."
Workshop outcomes:
  • Understanding Taiji Philosophy
  • Defining Yin and Yang muscle
  • Feeling the front and back of the body
  • Feeling the yin triangle
  • Feeling the yang triangle
  • Feeling the limits of strength on each movement plane to maintain the diamond (hara connection to hip joints)
  • Conditioning the ligaments and tendons
Wrapping is part of every authentic NeiJia practice. The Chinese term for this methodology is ChanSiJin (silk reeling energy).
Class Name: Intro to Wrapping
Prerequisites: Call for interview
Dates and times: TBD


New students by interview only.
(520) 770-1200


Tony Diaz
Antonio Diaz
"Before I met Sifu Kelley, I had been involved with martial arts for over 30 years. I have studied different styles of Kung Fu, most of my years in Wing Chung. 
Studying with Sifu Kelley has helped me understand more about true martial arts. I have studied with him for more than three years. He takes his training seriously and constantly maintains an atmosphere of lighthearted discipline. Sifu Kelley's knowledge of Chinese internal martial arts has helped me to grow... I enjoy training with him and always look forward to his classes."
Doc Savage Meditation
Doc Savage

"When I came for the first time to an 8 week class what I was expecting was to learn some cool new stretches; however, here's what I got: access to a ferocious martial art, intense exercise that leaves me feeling rejuvenated rather than depleted, the emotional benefits of meditation, the friendship of some great people, access to an expert instructor and access to his teacher, all wrapped up with health benefits and an instruction manual for success. I probably left out a few things but I think you'll understand when you try the class out!"

Rob P
Robert Ploger
"I have studied internal martial arts for most of my adult life and was very happy to discover Sifu Kelley's school last year.  There are two qualities I like to see in a teacher, a deep knowledge of the art and a generous heart and Sifu Kelley has both.  I highly recommend him to anyone who is truly interested in health and cultivating deep internal martial arts skill."