The Martial Art of Awareness (Zhong Xin Dao - I Liq Chuan) is a complete system of self defense. Sam Chin's way of mental-physical development is based on Chan (Zen) Buddhist Philosophy. find out more

What Makes Practice Intentional?

Neuroscience clearly shows that intentional learning results in the greatest benefits. 'Intentional' means the student knows why something is done in a certain way as well as how. In any contemplative context it is critical to understand the relationship between philosophy, concepts and principles. This process clarifies expectations and results in better outcomes.

Lets begin with definitions.

5 Elements of Application Half Day Intensive

Explore the 5 Elements of Application in spinning hands practice. Beginning students learn to recognize the generating cycle to feel the organ activation sequence using the first spin. Advanced students learn to feel the controlling energy. For example, Wood controls Earth, when the partner expresses Earth, you manifest Wood first, and so on.

Class Name: Intro to 5 Elements of Application
Prerequisites: Intro To Wrapping
Class Time: Call


Wrapping For Martial Artists

Over the years I have helped hard style martial artists prepare for higher Dan testing. These experiences have highlighted that flow and softness are very difficult qualities to maintain when generating maximum power. Flow and softness are required to respond with - rather than against - your opponent. Wrapping is the traditional methodology for cultivating this kind of flowing power.


New students by interview only.
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